Reciprocating Pumps

High pressure reciprocating triplex power pumps STP Series are designed for heavy duty services according to API 674 Standards.

  • Pressure: up to 1.600 bar
  • Capacity: up to 72 m3/h

The plunger reciprocating pumps STP Series are designed for high reliability, long life wear components and easy maintenance. 
The power end is dimensioned to assure the service under continuous load.

Various liquid end configurations are available in accordance with process requirements. Specific solutions have been studied to handle particular fluids or to satisfy demanding installation condition such as:

  • High compressibility of the fluid
  • High suction pressure (>30% of discharge pressure)
  • Low and high fluid temperature
  • Low NPSH < 2m
  • STP Type
    The STP pump series manufactured by SABI includes three sizes of high pressure triplex reciprocating power pumps, specifically designed for heavy duty service.

Main features