Metering Pumps

SABI dosing pumps meet the market needs from bare shaft pump to complete dosing or injection systems.
SABI production includes plunger and diaphragm metering pumps with a capacity between few ml/h to 10.000 l/h and pressures up to 1200 bar.

SABI manufactures also tailor-made pumps for particular Customer needs and supplies packaged metering systems complete with all the necessary accessories like:

  • safety valves
  • check valves
  • pulsation dampeners
  • calibration pots
  • electric motor control panels
  • instrument junction boxes
  • Met 1 Type
  • Met 2 Type
  • SPR Type

Main features


  • Pumps are manufactured according to API standard 675.
  • Positive return of the plunger stroke allows the achievement of low NPSH required value, at all operating conditions.
  • Stroke adjustment can be manual or automatic with pneumatic or electronic servo-control both with pump running and stationary.
  • Capacity range variation is achieved as follows:
    • range 10 – 100% by stroke adjustment;
    • range 5 – 100% by using a mechanic or electronic converter VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which allows the pump speed variation with precision below 1%.
  • Plunger type with:
    • single or double valves;
    • hydraulic heads having double effect plungers.
  • Diaphragm type with hydraulically actuated membrane having:
    • single or double diaphragms;
    • diaphragm rupture detection;
    • incorporated safety valve;
    • automatic leakages recovery.
  • Wide range of components construction materials (AISI 316, titanium alloy, CrNiMo, super austenitics, PVC and others) assures the most suitable solution for each specific application.
  • Crankmechanism
  • Plunger heads
  • Diaphram heads
  • performances